Best sober living facility for men in Saint Louis, MO.

Families are in their recovery process along with their loved ones.
We provide individualized supports and programming for families throughout the process.


  • Weekly communication with staff.
  • Monthly team meetings (include staff, family, and anyone who is a stakeholder in the resident’s recovery journey)
  • WEEKLY Family Support groups! (Wednesday nights at 6pm CST)
  • John Palmer and Matt Bauersachs facilitate our groups (find out more about him below!)
  • The focus of this group is to provide important family support and education to those affected by loved ones struggling with treatment, recovery or are actively using.
            This is FREE and anyone is welcome!

Meeting held weekly on Wednesday evenings at 6 pm CST.

Meet John Palmer!

John Palmer earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work at Southern Connecticut State University. He is a certified Recovery Coach Professional and a certified Recovery Coach Trainer. He began his career in the substance use disorder and mental health field in New Haven, Connecticut at what is now Turnbridge. He worked with a small group of individuals to build a long-term
residential program for young adults and held various positions during his time there, among them Executive Director, Director of Professional Development, and Director of Family Services. Regardless of his role, John continued to be involved with direct client care through the conduct of skills groups on such topics as healthy coping mechanisms, triggers to relapse, relapse prevention, and recovery education, while always communicating the importance of simultaneous and successful treatment of substance use disorder and mental health diagnoses. In recovery since 2007, John brings a relatable mix of information and experience, contributing to his success in helping clients and families understand changing roles and responsibilities as a family member moves into recovery.