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Extended Care/Sober LIVING. Let’s make a difference together!

Life Coaching

We’ll guide you through the entire period of your healing.

Supportive Programming

Our facility's innovative programs will surely get you back on track!

Recovery Coaching

We provide an environment uniquely suited to support your healing.

The Midwest's Premier Sober LIVING & Extended Care Facility


At Learn to Live Recovery we provide our residents with the best tools and programming to assist them throughout the recovery process.
We have created a structured and supportive program that is meant to give long-term support to those in early recovery. Our program was built to not just help our resident’s recover, but to thrive in their new environment after they leave our facility!

Each day our residents have a schedule and throughout their time at Learn to Live the goal is to build a structure to their lives that will foster success and long-term recovery. The structure includes innovative and inspiring programming, activities, and supportive groups and individual sessions.
At Learn to Live we work hard to individualize support for each client because no two paths to recovery are the same and everyone should work at their own pace.


Our Mission

Modeling recovery in a safe and sober environment for men to Learn to Live again through life skills, empowerment, and community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to reintegrate young men back into their communities and provide them with the tools of recovery that will build a lifestyle.

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Modeling recovery in a safe & sober environment for young men to LEARN TO LIVE again though life skills, empowerment, and community.