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Extended Care/Sober LIVING. Let’s make a difference together!

Life Coaching

We’ll guide you through the entire period of your healing.

Supportive Programming

Our facility's innovative programs will surely get you back on track!

Recovery Coaching

We provide an environment uniquely suited to support your healing.

The Midwest's Premier Sober LIVING & Extended Care Facility


At Learn to Live Recovery we want to provide you with the best tools and programming to assist you in your recovery process!

You have chosen us because you believe in uncompromising care in a next-level living environment. We have created a structured and supportive program that is explained in more detail below. The program is built to not just help our residents recover, but to thrive in their new environment after they leave our facility!

Each day you will have a schedule, but you will also be able to choose some of your own activities. We believe that our residents should rebuild their lives at their own pace, no two are alike!

Each program is tailored to the individual, no exceptions! You have taken a big first step by choosing to be a part of this program and we cannot wait to see what greatness awaits you during and after your time here!

–LEARN to LIVE Staff

Programs & Activities

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Let’s Start Your Recovery!

Modeling recovery in a safe & sober environment for young men to LEARN to LIVE again though life skills, empowerment, and community.