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At LTL we customize everything for our residents. There is no cookie-cutter approach to recovery. We do not put time limits on anything we do. Everyone will work on themselves at their own pace and find their own path to recovery. We track this by using the three milestones of LTL: LEARN, LIVE, RECOVER.


During the LEARN milestone we want the residents to soak up all the important knowledge and information that we believe is imperative to the long-term recovery process. They will begin to develop healthy habits and routines. They will begin to set and accomplish short-term goals. They will, most importantly, LEARN nabout themselves..


During the LIVE milestone the residents will get to put into action what they learned previously. They will have the opportunity to set medium-term goals and create a plan to meet them. They will work on the power of positive thinking as it relates to their daily lives. They will have the ability to get a job and have a personal car on the property.


During the RECOVER milestone the residents will be begin to make their program a part of them. To this point they have learned and implemented this program and now they will master it. At this point they have been provided the tools and resources to sustain long-term recovery and they will prove to themselves and others that they can RECOVER.

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